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How to Score Cheap Golf Clubs

If you are a beginner or someone who’s still trying to determine if golf really is the sport you want to excel in, you might not be willing to shell out a lot of money for a new set of expensive golf clubs. In fact, golf experts agree that for a beginner, there’s no need to buy a whole set of clubs. This is because you still don’t know how to play golf properly yet. It is also not advisable to go get yourself fitted for customized clubs for the same reason.

So how do you find cheap golf clubs?
1.Ask Around

Your local sporting goods store or golfing equipment store may have a discount outlet or a place they can recommend for you to buy cheap golf clubs. You can also drop by a local golf forum and ask them for recommendations. Your caddy, the people at the driving range, your coach, and other players that you talk to at the golf course can also have some pointers as to where you can get cheap golf clubs.

2.Search Online

Auction sites, trade in sites and personal advertisements can lead to cheap golf clubs. The internet has made it easier for people to trade and sell their goods easily, so take advantage of these websites and find out which golf clubs are the cheapest. Just be wary of the dangers of meeting up or chatting with someone you don’t know. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

3.Check out a Branded Golf Clubs Website

Some branded golf clubs have a site where they sell used golf clubs that are still in good condition. They might still be a little bit expensive than regular secondhand golf clubs because of the brand and because they have certified that the used clubs you are buying are still in great condition. But it is still cheaper than buying a new set altogether. You get good quality golf clubs at a lesser price.

4.Check out Secondhand Stores

Yes, there are secondhand stores that do sell golf clubs. If you don’t want to bother yourself with going to several different stores just to find a golf club, call in advance and ask if they have any for sale. This saves you time, effort and money. Some sporting goods and golf equipment sellers sometimes also have a secondhand area in their store or somewhere nearby. Ask them if they do and if they accept trades for other sporting equipment.

5.Look at Flea Markets and Garage Sales

At flea markets and garage sales, the chances of finding a good, complete golf set is very slim but you can sometimes score one or two great pieces of clubs while you are scouting for other cheap finds. You can sometimes even haggle with the seller for a cheaper price especially during the last few hours of the sale period when they just want to get rid of all their junk. You just have to be a lot more patient because not a lot of sellers are golf enthusiasts. You might sometimes need to wade through several garage sales and flea markets before you actually find a decent enough golf club. But when you do, sometimes you can score them for less than $10.

6.Wait for Sale Season

Black Fridays and end-of-season sales sometimes offer slashed prices up to 50 percent off, even for sporting equipment. That includes golf clubs. A few days before the big sale period, scout the store and know which golf clubs are available so that you’ll know what to look for and where to find them on the day the sale starts.

7.Attend Golfing Conventions

Some of the best brands of golf clubs would most likely join in these golfing conventions just to promote their products. They sometimes offer on-the-spot discounts to anyone who buys from them on the day of the event.

8.Check Out Golf Tournaments

The souvenir section of these golf tournaments will be packed with overpriced items of course, but there might be a few pop-up stores selling good quality golf clubs at a discounted price. The discounts will probably be 10-20% off at best, but it still beats paying full price.

9.Ask Your Golf Buddy

If your friend is already a seasoned pro and has been playing golf for a long time, chances are he already has a lot of used, old golf clubs just lying in the closet collecting dust. Ask him if he’s willing to sell them to you at a cheaper price. If you’re lucky and have a generous friend, he might even give it to you for free.


Just as people are advertising so that someone would buy their goods, you should also advertise that you are looking to buy some goods. There are several websites you can post your advertisement for free. You can even post it on your social media account and you might be surprised who among your thousands of social media friends are into golf just like you.

Burial Trends to Consider When Life Ends

No one would like to talk about death matters for now, at least. Thinking about funerals and necrological services may seem odd especially for young individuals because technically, they can live longer lives than those who are way older than them. Reality says that no one is exempted from death and all people have their own chances to walk towards the afterlife. When would that be? No one knows that exactly, but eventually, there will come a time when all people will definitely need funeral homes for their own death and for their loved ones as well. That’s one sure thing.

Listed below are some of the successful and innovative trends done by funeral directors in order to make things a bit more pleasant for the departed:

1) Making an effort to reach out to the community through arranging events not directly related to death


It can be holding prayer vigils for personalities like Nelson Mandela and Whitney Houston, organizing raffles at sporting events with $10,000 worth of funeral as the grand prize or conducting an educational forum where families can ask a variety of questions ranging from embalming up to knowing how to write appropriate obituaries and wills.

2) Setting up amenities resembling an actual home during funerals

For grieving families, there is no place like home. Putting up Starbucks coffee kiosks, catered meals or fully stocked bars could be some of the options. On some states where this is allowed, funeral homes also offer a variety of services such as options on flower arrangements, Wi-Fi access, childcare services and even actual bedrooms as visitation rooms for a more comfortable stay.

3) Going green and eco-friendly

With the world suffering from the effects of climate change, people are encouraged to live an eco-friendly lifestyle including death. Green burials are offered for honoring that environmental legacy. Some examples of green burials include water-based cremations, planting a seed in the urn to grow as an actual tree, scattering biodegradable urns at sea, land or air, blending ashes into artificial coral reefs and simply wrapping the corpse in a shroud before directly burying it to the ground.

4) Offering some great charitable options

Leaving the world is much sweeter when all people try to give back. Instead of receiving too much expensive flowers as condolences, donations to a charitable institution, school or non-profit organization can be an option. This usually works through clicking on home obituary pages that will directly take an individual to a site where he can make donations, small or large, on behalf of the decedent. By having the families and friends signed on the online guest book, one can already request donations for his chosen charity.

5) Helping out in paying the expenses on burial services

One doesn’t have to worry about the expenses on his own burial and he can now rest more peacefully. By setting up a donation page, funeral companies can share some money to cover the expenses on the burial rather than just seeing the deceased receive flower baskets. With the constantly increasing cost of goods and services today, this offer is much needed especially for practical people.

Uninsured and underinsured people utilize this kind of platform. By globally passing the hat, amounts of $5 to $10 donations, together with the hundreds and thousands of dollars from institutions and contributors, would be of big help on families to choose the desired memorial options for their departed loved ones.

With these trends continually changing depending upon the demand of consumers and technology, there will always be life for these companies and hope for the deceased to have a much comfortable resting place.

Author Bio:
Gentry Griffey became the only funeral home to operate an on-site crematory. Whether you are in need of traditional funeral options or cremation services.We pride ourselves on providing high-level, professional service at a very economical value.

All About Printed Circuit Board Designs

Printed Circuit Boards are important components of electronic products that have been integrated so much in modern living that we often ignore them. Hence, we are not fully aware of the significant contribution of a printed circuit board not only in making our life more comfortable but also for our survival.

The flourishing printed circuit board industry has penetrated every other type of industry and technology such as medicine, aerospace, automobile, communications, and military. The application of printed circuit nowadays is countless, yet many of us are not aware of it.

Basically, a PCB is a non-conducting substrate sheet with etched copper tracks that converge at various nodes and junctions. The main purpose of a PCB is to connect different electrical parts through the conduction pathways etched on the board. In addition, the actual board provides physical support to the components.

printed-circuit-boardA PCB is mainly of two categories. First is the through-hole circuit board where small holes are punched on the nodes where the part lead will go across the board and they are soldered on the reverse side. This is an old technology but still in use for cheap circuitry applications. Another use of these PCBs is for physical support of heavy parts such as high-rate capacitors and transformers.

The second type of PCB is known as the surface-mounted device circuit board. There are no holes on these boards; but rather they contain small conducting beds where the small parts are mounted and soldered using special tools. This type of PCB has higher mechanical power and either side can be used for parts because there are no holes.

Key Designs of a Printed Circuit Board

There are three main elements of printed circuit boards: a laminate board, the parts mounted on the board, and the wires connecting the parts and forming the circuit.

The actual part used in a PCB wholly depends on the purpose of the circuit. Studying which parts to use is quite detailed and need thorough technical expertise. This leaves us with traces and laminate board. The cost of production, work efficiency and operational costs of the final circuit all depend on these elements.

Of the common materials used for the circuit boards, six are manufactured widely: FR1, FR2, FR3, FR4, CEM1 and CEM3. The FR means flame retardant. FR1, FR2, and FR3 are basically the same with slight differences in their properties. They are not suitable for creating multilayer circuit boards. This is also true with CEM1.

The two laminates that can be used for a multilayer printed circuit boards are FR4 and CEM3, in which the former is massively manufactured and so is less expensive. These two laminates can be used for single and multiple layer boards, and has high thermal tolerance of up to 130 degrees Centigrade.

The most commonly used material for a printed circuit board is copper. Simple techniques involve plating the whole board with copper, and then etching away the unnecessary areas through a stencil to mark the needed traces. More complicated strategies will allow traces to be added on a board with each technique having its own advantages and disadvantages.

There are PCBs that require gold for low-voltage, sensitive applications or to comply with lead-free standard. Using copper traces will require the use of a nickel barrier sheet before plating with gold. This is to stop gold from mixing into the copper. If you want to create your own custom printed circuit board, it is best that you first study the basics of its designs. You can learn from detailed guides and tutorials. Also, there are available online firms that can help you create custom printed circuit boards in less than several days.