Month: January 2016

Badge Lanyards in the office’s dress code

The lanyard has become a useful tool for identification purposes. It has evolved from being the traditional plain lace to being a printed ID holder that many people are now wearing on a daily basis. Companies started printing their names and logos on lanyards, and the result is what people now call badge lanyards. This new version makes identifying people a lot easier.

Lanyards have become the perfect indicator of one’s affiliation to an organization or company.

As a rule, these lanyards adhere to the brand colors and design elements indicated in the companies’ brand book. For instance, a blue-colored lace with an anchor printed on it represents the US Navy badge. People who wear this lanyard are assumed to be part of the US Navy. Many companies nowadays provide their employees with lanyards as part of the office dress code.

For security reasons, most companies implement policies that require employees, guests, and visitors to carry and wear the company’s badge around the compound. allow employees to easily move around the company premises without needing to present their IDs at all the office’s entrances. This is to avoid having unauthorized visitors within office premises, and consequently, to avoid accidents that may involve intruders.


When different companies share the same building, it could become harder for the company’s personnel to track the movements of their employees within the building premises. Since these buildings house different offices, a lot of people could come in and out without the knowledge of the company’s administration. Intruders could therefore easily sneak in to such private properties without anyone noticing.

Security inside the building usually depends only on the security officers, as well as the security cameras installed. By simply having badge lanyards as part of the employees’ uniforms, it becomes easier for the security officers and for the company administrators to tell their employees apart from those of other firms. So when an accident happens, especially theft and intrusion incidences, it is easier to find out whether the suspect is an employee of a particular company inside the building or an outsider.

Since visitors are also given identification badges and lanyards, security teams can also easily identify and verify whose visitor the intruder is. Recorded videos from the security cameras can be of useful tool to determine the identities of these unauthorized guests.

To some, badge lanyards are only a minor part of the dress code; in truth however, those accessories are of vital importance in ensuring the security of the company and its employees. The details on identification cards are usually too small to be seen using the installed security cameras. This is why an easily recognizable company lace should always come with the ID.

These benefits of having a badge lanyard as part of the office’s dress code do not only apply within the company premises. Advantages could also be gained even when the employees are outside. Since employees bring the company name with them by simply having the ID lace in their belongings, it is easier to track down the employee’s identity if something happens to them. For instance, if an employee met an accident on the road, the cops could simply call the company for verification of the identity of the victim. The company could then notify the family of the employee.For more details visit

No one wishes for another person to get into an accident, but in the case these scenarios take place, badge lanyards could prove to be a very important tool. It is therefore important for employees to comply with the office dress code and wear identification badges for their own good.

Qualities of a Great Speaker

Speaking in public can be a very challenging job. Aspiring speakers will definitely be confronted with various types of audiences, they may also be faced with all kinds criticisms. So those who are up to the challenge to perform a public speaking cannot just stand on stage unprepared. In order to be successful in this field, a person needs to master the strategies and techniques in public speaking.

Successful speakers, for example, come up on stage with limited time but still are able to deliver their speeches effectively. People who witness a great keynote speaker end up being so amazed and inspired.

But how does one become such a great speaker? There are various qualities that a person should possess. First and foremost, a speaker should develop that positive attitude. Having the confidence is a great start in becoming a great speaker. And having that confidence means also to develop the courage in speaking to big audiences. Believe it or not, but that proactive kind of personality is definitely seen and sensed by the audience themselves. Victor Antonio, a known keynote speaker, shows one good example of having a positive attitude with high self esteem.

SpeakerNow other than creating a positive self, a great public speaker needs to focus on the content of their speech. With this, a person who aspires to become a good speaker needs to do some research. One important factor in delivering a speech is to know the audience. How you will be able to catch the audience’s interests and attention would vary from person to person. For example, a keynote speaker that is tasked to talk in front of the Business Professionals in Spain needs to do some considerable research on the place and interest of the people. Or if tasked to speak in front of a religious group in Rome, he must at least capture the audiences’ thoughts by talking about something that his audience can relate to.

A successful speaker not only knows what to talk about, but also knows how to talk. The manner of speaking is one big factor. Great speeches are delivered with a proper pacing. It is only in this way that the audience can understand what a speaker wants to say. Talking too fast and too slow can become disastrous.

Other than pacing, a speaker should also know when to pause. Stressing a word or a sentence is vital in delivering a speech. When a speaker pauses, and stresses out important parts of the speech, there is a considerable impact on the audience. To know more about successful speaker visit

A keynote speaker is an example of someone who delivers great speeches not only because he/she is able to say it appropriately, but because this kind of speaker tend to use variations of strategies. Most of them use humour stories to capture their audiences. Some just use heartfelt stories to tap the emotional side of the audience. Successful speakers use gestures and mannerisms to add colour and sometimes humour to the whole speech.

They are able to capture the audience, and keep their interest for the whole period. Some speakers may take up only 10-15 minutes, but some may have longer hours of talk. However, no matter how short or how long it may be, the more important thing to remember is that they are able to keep the audience’s attention and interest. There have already been a lot of events with their respected speakers delivering their pieces with their audiences sleeping or probably doing something else. This only shows that one or more of the qualities of being a great speaker is missing. However, combining all the qualities and strategies will definitely help a person becoming one great speaker.