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What Makes An Excellent Live Chat Service Representative

It is undeniable how live chat service agents can affect the way people think about a business. No matter how great the product is, customers may still be repelled by poor customer service. These live chat agents are the ones who can provide an exceptional customer experience to the site guests and transform them into pleased and loyal clients.


To make sure that the company provides only excellent service to its existing and potential customers, the business owners should see to it that they hire qualified live chat  representatives. Enumerated below are some of the qualities they should look for in an efficient live chat representative.

1. Language Proficiency

Prior to selecting applicants to become live chat service reps for the business, examine their competence in the necessary language. The skill should not merely meet an average level, it must be above average. The language proficiency of an applicant can be screened by conducting a written exam and oral discourse. This qualification is a vital factor to be taken into account in the selection process because it can greatly guarantee an excellent chat service.

2. Rapport

WorkWhen the live chat reps set a friendly tone, the shoppers will most probably be happy with their experience. As a result, they may become repeat customers. There are a lot of marketing methods these days that the businesses can apply. Yet, the most effective out there in generating more revenue is the face-to-face and word-of-mouth marketing approach. In the online world, that can be translated into a method that makes the customers feel so much closer to the business. This is the reason why it is vital for the chat agents to build rapport. From their own experience, they can spread only positive things about the company.

3. Product Knowledge

More often than not, live chat service is the primary communication channel for companies. A great deal of site visitors would rather speak about their issues with a chat agent than going through the data published on internet sites. For this reason, it is extremely important for the agents to acquire sufficient understanding about the product and the website tools.

The live chat agents need to be adequately informed and regularly updated about the product launches, settlement guidelines, refund methods and general product knowledge. Efficient chat operators should be adept in the features and in how to run them.

4. Initiative

Live chat reps must be proactive in inviting the site visitors to a chat dialogue, so they can guide them in understanding the product or service. They must not just sit around and await for the prospective customers to ask for a live chat discussion. Live chat service reps need to be efficient at handling a number of chats simultaneously, and reply to every one of them rapidly. The response time must be decreased during chat discussion.

5. Marketing Skill

On the customer’s point of view, it may be enough that their questions are answered or their issues are resolved. However, on the company’s point of view, it would make a whole lot of difference if the chat support agents possess marketing skills and increase their sales. Marketing-skills

The chat software is equipped with tools that enable the reps to upsell and promote additional purchases. Some of these helpful tools include live chat, chat invitation popup, remote access, co-browsing, and push URLs. These tools supply the agent with clues about what products or services that the customers need and are susceptible to buy. It is important for the live chat service agents to remember, though, that the top priority is still providing excellent customer service, and not upselling.