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Badge Lanyards in the office’s dress code

The lanyard has become a useful tool for identification purposes. It has evolved from being the traditional plain lace to being a printed ID holder that many people are now wearing on a daily basis. Companies started printing their names and logos on lanyards, and the result is what people now call badge lanyards. This new version makes identifying people a lot easier.

Lanyards have become the perfect indicator of one’s affiliation to an organization or company.

As a rule, these lanyards adhere to the brand colors and design elements indicated in the companies’ brand book. For instance, a blue-colored lace with an anchor printed on it represents the US Navy badge. People who wear this lanyard are assumed to be part of the US Navy. Many companies nowadays provide their employees with lanyards as part of the office dress code.

For security reasons, most companies implement policies that require employees, guests, and visitors to carry and wear the company’s badge around the compound. allow employees to easily move around the company premises without needing to present their IDs at all the office’s entrances. This is to avoid having unauthorized visitors within office premises, and consequently, to avoid accidents that may involve intruders.


When different companies share the same building, it could become harder for the company’s personnel to track the movements of their employees within the building premises. Since these buildings house different offices, a lot of people could come in and out without the knowledge of the company’s administration. Intruders could therefore easily sneak in to such private properties without anyone noticing.

Security inside the building usually depends only on the security officers, as well as the security cameras installed. By simply having badge lanyards as part of the employees’ uniforms, it becomes easier for the security officers and for the company administrators to tell their employees apart from those of other firms. So when an accident happens, especially theft and intrusion incidences, it is easier to find out whether the suspect is an employee of a particular company inside the building or an outsider.

Since visitors are also given identification badges and lanyards, security teams can also easily identify and verify whose visitor the intruder is. Recorded videos from the security cameras can be of useful tool to determine the identities of these unauthorized guests.

To some, badge lanyards are only a minor part of the dress code; in truth however, those accessories are of vital importance in ensuring the security of the company and its employees. The details on identification cards are usually too small to be seen using the installed security cameras. This is why an easily recognizable company lace should always come with the ID.

These benefits of having a badge lanyard as part of the office’s dress code do not only apply within the company premises. Advantages could also be gained even when the employees are outside. Since employees bring the company name with them by simply having the ID lace in their belongings, it is easier to track down the employee’s identity if something happens to them. For instance, if an employee met an accident on the road, the cops could simply call the company for verification of the identity of the victim. The company could then notify the family of the employee.For more details visit

No one wishes for another person to get into an accident, but in the case these scenarios take place, badge lanyards could prove to be a very important tool. It is therefore important for employees to comply with the office dress code and wear identification badges for their own good.