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Burial Trends to Consider When Life Ends

No one would like to talk about death matters for now, at least. Thinking about funerals and necrological services may seem odd especially for young individuals because technically, they can live longer lives than those who are way older than them. Reality says that no one is exempted from death and all people have their own chances to walk towards the afterlife. When would that be? No one knows that exactly, but eventually, there will come a time when all people will definitely need funeral homes for their own death and for their loved ones as well. That’s one sure thing.

Listed below are some of the successful and innovative trends done by funeral directors in order to make things a bit more pleasant for the departed:

1) Making an effort to reach out to the community through arranging events not directly related to death


It can be holding prayer vigils for personalities like Nelson Mandela and Whitney Houston, organizing raffles at sporting events with $10,000 worth of funeral as the grand prize or conducting an educational forum where families can ask a variety of questions ranging from embalming up to knowing how to write appropriate obituaries and wills.

2) Setting up amenities resembling an actual home during funerals

For grieving families, there is no place like home. Putting up Starbucks coffee kiosks, catered meals or fully stocked bars could be some of the options. On some states where this is allowed, funeral homes also offer a variety of services such as options on flower arrangements, Wi-Fi access, childcare services and even actual bedrooms as visitation rooms for a more comfortable stay.

3) Going green and eco-friendly

With the world suffering from the effects of climate change, people are encouraged to live an eco-friendly lifestyle including death. Green burials are offered for honoring that environmental legacy. Some examples of green burials include water-based cremations, planting a seed in the urn to grow as an actual tree, scattering biodegradable urns at sea, land or air, blending ashes into artificial coral reefs and simply wrapping the corpse in a shroud before directly burying it to the ground.

4) Offering some great charitable options

Leaving the world is much sweeter when all people try to give back. Instead of receiving too much expensive flowers as condolences, donations to a charitable institution, school or non-profit organization can be an option. This usually works through clicking on home obituary pages that will directly take an individual to a site where he can make donations, small or large, on behalf of the decedent. By having the families and friends signed on the online guest book, one can already request donations for his chosen charity.

5) Helping out in paying the expenses on burial services

One doesn’t have to worry about the expenses on his own burial and he can now rest more peacefully. By setting up a donation page, funeral companies can share some money to cover the expenses on the burial rather than just seeing the deceased receive flower baskets. With the constantly increasing cost of goods and services today, this offer is much needed especially for practical people.

Uninsured and underinsured people utilize this kind of platform. By globally passing the hat, amounts of $5 to $10 donations, together with the hundreds and thousands of dollars from institutions and contributors, would be of big help on families to choose the desired memorial options for their departed loved ones.

With these trends continually changing depending upon the demand of consumers and technology, there will always be life for these companies and hope for the deceased to have a much comfortable resting place.

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